Boyfriend of Breonna Taylor Sues Louisville Police for Violating Rights in Deadly No-knock Raid

Chicago Man Sues Drunken Off-Duty Police Officer Who Shot at Him Over Parking Altercation

Kenneth Walker III alleges that the Louisville police force acted inappropriately and without regard to their constitutional rights when they broke into Breonna Taylor’s door without warning.

The boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, an African American woman killed in a police raid in Louisville, Kentucky, has filed a lawsuit against local law enforcement.

According to CNN, the lawsuit relates to a flawed forced-entry raid that targeted Taylor’s apartment on March 13, 2020.

Louisville Metro Police Department officials listed Taylor’s home on a search warrant for previously dating a man suspected of drug trafficking.

Although Taylor was no longer with the man who lived miles from Taylor’s house, police noted that her ex-boyfriend had attempted to send drug-filled packages to Taylor’s apartment in the past.

Although the man no longer lived with Taylor, police broke down her front door in the middle of the night. Taylor’s current partner, Kenneth Waler III, feared a home invasion and fired a single shot from a registered pistol.

The bullet penetrated the bedroom door and hit Sgt. John Mattingly in the leg.

Black Lives Matter protesters. Image via Flickr / User: Tony Webster. (CCA-BY-2.0)

In response, officers opened fire, killing Taylor and nearly beating a family in a neighboring apartment.

Walker was initially arrested and charged with shooting a police officer, according to CNN. However, that charge was dismissed last year and finally dismissed last week.

Now Walker and his attorneys have alleged that the Louisville Metro Police Department – along with several individual officers and officers – violated Walker’s Fourth Amendment Rights against Inappropriate Searches and Seizures.

The lawsuit, says CNN, finds that Louisville officials:

  • Execution of a search warrant on unsubstantiated allegations; and
  • Used unnecessary force to enter Taylor’s house; and
  • Didn’t announce they were police; and
  • Reacted to Walker’s single shot with overwhelming, deadly force

Walker’s complaint goes on to claim that the officers entering Taylor’s house failed to coordinate with the town’s SWAT team, which usually raids without knocking.

“Given these multiple failures by the LMPD, the events that led to the death of Ms. Taylor and the injuries of Mr. Walker on March 13, 2020 – and other incidents like these – were all but inevitable,” the lawsuit said.

Cliff Sloan, a law professor at Georgetown University and one of the attorneys representing Walker, told CNN that the lawsuit was necessary to defend Walker and establish his rights.

“We want to ensure there is justice and accountability for the tragic and unjustified police attack on Kenneth Walker and the murder of Breonna Taylor in her home in the middle of the night,” Sloan said.


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