Branch Out and Gain Ground with SEO and Postali

Branch Out and Gain Ground with SEO and Postali

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, refers to internet marketing techniques used to increase a website’s awareness or ranking in search engine results. It is also the marketing initiative that many law firms are struggling with the most.

Many lawyers believe they don’t need search engine optimization if word of mouth and traditional advertising are still generating leads. This way of thinking only leads to missed opportunities. Potential law firms are searching for lawyers online more than ever, and an effective law firm SEO strategy is critical to any law firm’s success. Building an organic search presence through SEO can lead to significant growth and help law firms reach new clients. In short, brand development and business expansion are next to impossible without a well-designed SEO strategy.

How does a law firm start with SEO?


Most lawyers may be familiar with popular keywords related to their practice, but in today’s highly competitive legal marketplace, they need to know more. Over 200 factors contribute to SEO success. So, knowing just the popular keywords won’t hurt. The first step to SEO success is to partner with a marketing partner who takes a multi-faceted approach to law firm SEO and incorporates SEO best practices into one comprehensive plan. That is exactly what Postali does.

As a full-service legal marketing agency serving lawyers across the country, Postali is making SEO the cornerstone of its digital marketing efforts. To do this, they work closely with their clients to develop bespoke SEO strategies based on their areas of activity, geography, and market landscape. Postali’s experience working with lawyers gives them a unique insight into search behavior in the legal industry so they know what is affecting the results.

Postali’s SEO process is comprehensive, transparent, and drives digital marketing efforts to maximize results. When law firms partner with Postali to implement an SEO strategy, they can expect:

  • Thorough competition analysis and keyword research
  • Strategic development and planning of content
  • Extensive link building and public relations work
  • Local SEO, review and reputation management
  • Technical SEO, page speed, and site structure considerations
  • Video and image optimization
  • Fully integrated SEO campaigns
  • Analytics and Clear Goal Tracking

The strategies for achieving success can vary by market, but SEO works for any type of law firm. When you work with Postali as a marketing trustee, they share your goals and their SEO team works tirelessly to achieve them.

How to get it

To learn more about Postali, SEO, and how Postali can help your law firm gain a foothold, visit today!


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