BREAKING NEWS: Hashish for Medical Use Simply Grew to become Absolutely Authorized in Mexico

BREAKING NEWS: Cannabis for Medical Use Just Became Fully Legal in Mexico

The Mexican hygiene control regulations for the manufacture, research and medical use of cannabis and its pharmacological derivatives (the “Regulations”) were published today in the Federal Gazette and are due to come into force tomorrow. These ordinances come more than three years after the changes to the General Health Act and federal criminal law discussed here, which mandated the implementing provisions within 180 days of these changes coming into force.

The ordinance became official today after a judge from Mexico City late last year extended an extension by 70 working days to September 9, which the Supreme Court gave to the Ministry of Health in its Amparo decision 57/2019 regulating the medicinal use of cannabis was imposed.

These regulations deal extensively with the control, conveyance and hygienic monitoring of raw materials, molecular complexes, pharmacological derivatives and drugs for production, scientific, industrial and medical purposes. Perhaps most importantly, these new regulations mean that companies no longer have to deal with COFEPRIS alone, as various other Mexican government agencies are tasked with interpreting and applying the regulations. Businesses must obtain a number of permits / licenses before they can apply for a cannabis license for any of the activities provided for in the regulations.

The regulations will deal a strong blow to illegal cannabis activity in Mexico and force Mexico, as an exporter of cannabis products, into markets to which it already sells drugs, such as South America, Europe and the United States. The regulations will also boost competitiveness in the cannabis market and lead to cheaper options for cannabis.

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