Britney Spears’ father’s lawyer Vivian Thoreen speaks solely to ‘Good Morning America’ about conservatorship

Britney Spears' father's attorney Vivian Thoreen speaks exclusively to 'Good Morning America' about conservatorship

LOS ANGELES – Britney Spears father Jamie Spears talks to attorney Vivian Thoreen about his side of the story about his daughter’s Conservatory in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America.

Interest in the singer’s conservatism has increased after the New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears”. Celebrities and supporters who believe the Conservatory is no longer necessary have campaigned for Spears on social media using the hashtag #FreeBritney.

“I understand that every story has a bad guy, but people got it so wrong here … This is a story about an extremely loving, dedicated, and loyal father who saved his daughter from a life threatening situation. People did You harmed her and you exploited her. Jamie saved her life, “Thoreen said.

The elder Spears, along with attorney Andrew Wallet, was first appointed curator of his daughter’s estate by the court in 2008 after a number of personal issues publicly emerged for Britney Spears, including a bitter divorce, custody battle and two hospital stays.

During most of that time, he also oversaw her health and medical decisions. Jamie Spears became the sole curator of the singer’s $ 60 million estate in 2019 after Wallet stepped down.

Court documents show that when Jamie Spears stepped in in 2008, the pop star’s net worth was only $ 2.8 million, despite her savage success in the early 2000s.

Thoreen said this shows that Britney’s assets were “clearly badly managed”.

“She has been financially exploited by some of those around her,” Thoreen said.

She said her client could reverse his daughter’s finances by working together.

“When she’s ready to perform, she’s played. If she wants to record an album, she can record an album,” she said. “And if she wants to live her life the way she wants it like a normal person, he worked with her too,” said Thoreen.

Since 2008, Britney Spears has released four albums, starred on a primetime show, and hosted her own Las Vegas residency.

Britney Spears is 39 years old and the mother of two sons. Since he took a career break in early 2019, he has not played, recorded music or made media appearances.

At the time, she said she was retiring from an upcoming show because her father was sick, but last year she took a seemingly different tune. In November 2020, her lawyer told a judge: “My client told me that she was afraid of her father. She will no longer perform if her father is responsible for her career.”

When pressed for the attorney’s testimony, Thoreen pointed to times the father and daughter spent together during the COVID-19 pandemic, including “enjoying Mediterranean comfort food together” in Louisiana.

She also provided ABC News with videos showing Britney and Jamie being with their family in 2020.

“During that time, Britney never said those words to her father. She never asked him to step aside,” she said.

When asked if Thoreen believed the attorney – and not Britney herself – said this, she said, “From time to time problems arise.”

“But that in no way takes away from the love and support they have for one another,” she said.

And when asked why Britney Spears won’t publicly try to calm the #FreeBritney movement, Thoreen said, “You have to ask Britney.”

Thoreen and Britney Spears attorney Sam Ingham saved Jamie Spears’ rights and powers in court in early February when he worked with his new co-curator, The Bessemer Trust. Another hearing on this case is scheduled for March 17th.

When reached by ABC News, Ingham said he was unable to comment on a pending case.

The Associated Press, CNN Wire and ABC News contributed to this report.

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