Britney Spears’ newest submit profitable web after lawyer’s warning about her profession

Britney Spears' latest post winning internet after lawyer's warning about her career

Britney Spears shared a powerful post on “Jumping Towards Your Dreams” after her lawyers revealed in court that the singer is “scared” of her father and won’t be thrilled until he is removed from her conservatory .

The ‘Baby One More Time’ hitmaker shared a meaningful post on her Instagram on Tuesday to showcase her strength and garner huge support from her followers.

In the old-fashioned black and white photo, Britney is jumping over a skipping rope while two other kids are spinning it.

Britney titled the post: “Jump Further Towards Your Dreams”.

During the recent trial, Britney’s lawyers warned she would never perform again as long as she stayed in the current conditions of her conservatory.

The 38-year-old singer has reportedly appealed a judge to promptly remove her father Jamie from her conservatory. This has empowered him to have control over her finances and personal life since her collapse in 2008. Her lawyers said she was scared of him and they stopped talking.

Her snap appeared to be related to the court case, and her fans rushed to the comment section to offer their support.