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Vadodara: A lawyer was defrauded by a city-based real estate group for forging a bill of sale for an apartment in a residential building in Bhayli. The client had sold the building’s terrace to lawyer Rahul Sharma, even though it was not approved for sale.
Sharma filed a fraud and forgery complaint against Aatmiya group promoter Sanjay Patel, his partner Aakash Brahmbhatt and a Lomesh Patel, who registered the forged sales deed in the sub-registrar’s office.
Sharma stated that he was interested in buying a property in a project called Aatmiya Signature, which was forged by the defendant. He paid Rs 1 lakh as the booking amount for the apartment with terrace rights the same size as the apartment. Sharma was promised the receipt for the booking amount the next day. However, Aakash went further and said that Sharma would receive the receipts for the booking amount and the first installment of Rs 7 lakh along with the sales deed. On September 1st last year, Sharma paid the first installment of Rs 7 lakh.
A few days later, Sharma was called to review the draft bill of sale. After correcting some errors, Sharma signed each page and was told that the deed would be registered within a few days and he would be called to the sub-registrar’s office. But the bill of sale was registered without notifying Sharma, and six pages of it were also changed. The payment terms, apartment details and other details have been removed. It was also mentioned that Sharma paid Rs 7 lakh despite having paid Rs 8 lakh.
Sharma filed a complaint with the Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority in March and in August it was found that the pages in the deed of sale had been changed.