Burke to retire as county lawyer, Gallehr named as alternative | Information

Burke to retire as county attorney, Gallehr named as replacement | News

After 29 years serving as legal advisor to the Fauquier County Government, District Attorney Kevin Burke will retire effective November 1. Tracy Gallehr, who has served as assistant attorney since 2005, will replace him. The District Attorney's position reports directly to the oversight board.

Burke was first hired as assistant district attorney in 1991 and was appointed chief legal advisor to the district government in 2005. He replaced Paul McCulla, who had served as district attorney before being promoted to district administrator. Burke's 15-year tenure as district attorney is the longest of anyone who has held that position in Fauquier County's history.

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District Attorney Kevin Burke speaks with his wife, Stephanie Burke, after being honored by a board of directors proclamation at an October 8 meeting. Burke will retire on November 1st after serving 29 years with the county government. He is the longest serving prosecutor in Fauquier history.

Burke was honored with one proclamation At a meeting on October 8th, each board of directors – along with McCulla – took turns speaking brightly of Burke's service to the county.

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District Administrator Paul McCulla presents retired District Attorney Kevin Burke with a painting of the Warren Green Building with his wife Stephanie at a board meeting on October 8th.

"One of the smartest decisions I've ever made in my life was to hire him and bring him to the county," McCulla said at the meeting before presenting Burke with a painting of the Warren Green Building that both men almost worked for have three decades.

"I'm very, very grateful personally, but more on behalf of the community," said Supervisor Holder Trumbo (Scott District), currently the longest serving board member. "It's a better place here because of your service," he said to Burke.

Burke was joined by his wife, Stephanie, at the October 8th board meeting, and his two adult children, Adam and Olivia, congratulated him over a live video feed.

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On video stream, Olivia Burke congratulates her father, District Attorney Kevin Burke (left), on his retirement at a board meeting on October 8th while her mother Stephanie Burke and Regulatory Trumbo watch.

"I want to thank my family for coming to terms with me over the years," smiled Burke. When he was first promoted to district attorney, he worked regularly on protective measures late into the night. "My daughter asked if I could be 'promoted'," he laughed.

The resolution to promote Gallehr, who has worked for the district government for 23 years, names her "uniquely qualified for the position of district attorney's departments, offices and departments because of her knowledge and experience with the board of directors, planning committee, appeal committee for zoning and other District government bodies. "

In a statement, Gallehr said: “On behalf of all attorneys and prosecutors, we are extremely grateful to Kevin Burke's calm and steadfast leadership and example. We will sincerely miss him. Although he leaves very large shoes to be filled, I'm sure we can rise to the challenge. "

She continued: “I am extremely grateful for the trust that the board of directors and the district administration have placed in me. I look forward to serving the board of directors and my home parish in the years to come. "