Burton council moves to increase attorney’s pay to $140 per hour at next meeting

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BURTON, MI – Service for the City of Burton employees.

Burton City Council unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance on Monday, June 7th, which will secure the city attorney a $ 15 an hour raise after the salaries of the fire chief, treasurer, town clerk and assessor at previous meetings were increased.

Starting July 1, city attorney compensation will increase from $ 125 an hour to $ 140 an hour until changed by regulation, the new regulation states.

A second reading at next week’s meeting will consolidate that increase.

City Attorney Amanda Doyle said the city is typically billed between 27 and 30 hours per billing cycle. Doyle did not receive any kind of hazard grant from COVID-19, she said.

Doyle’s salary is now equal to the hourly rate for lawyers in Swartz Creek, Fenton Township, and Gaines Township of $ 140. Previously, the city attorney made $ 125, the same amount as similar positions in Flushing, Mt. Morris, and Grand Blanc Township.

The only remaining salary on the ordinance that has remained untouched in the past few weeks is the city police chief, whose salary has risen to a maximum of $ 95,000 this year. The police chief is the regulation’s highest-paid administrative officer.

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