Candidates for Brazos County Legal professional tout expertise, native ties | Native Information

Candidates for Brazos County Attorney tout experience, local ties | Local News

Gray also has taught a variety of legal courses at Blinn College for more than two decades, he said.

Gray said he wants to work hard to address cycles of family violence.

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“As your elected county attorney, I will do everything possible to eradicate family violence from our community,” Gray said. “The focus of the office needs to be the safety of the community. We need to focus on the more serious crimes of public safety. Any kind of assaultive offenses — those are really critical because those are likely to repeat themselves.”

Regarding DWIs, Gray said he wants to look more closely at those cases and do more to assist potential reoffenders to get the help they need.

Medina, among other policy proposals, wants to institute “cite and release” and pretrial diversion programs. He said that cite and release would give officers the discretion of issuing citations for certain kinds of non-violent offenses instead of transporting the offenders to jail. Medina stressed that cite and release differs from decriminalization and said similar programs have been effective elsewhere in Texas.

Medina said he wants to make sure that the county is focused primarily on violent crime and less on drug possession.

“I don’t think that the prosecutor’s office right now prosecutes cases that reflect our national or local consciousness, especially when it comes to possession of marijuana cases,” Medina said. “That’s why nonviolent, first-time offenders — especially in this county with so many young people, and older people — it doesn’t jive that we don’t have a viable deferred prosecution program.”