Carjacking Arrests Fall to 11% of Incidents, Prepare dinner County State’s Legal professional’s Workplace Says – NBC Chicago

Carjacking Arrests Fall to 11% of Incidents, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office Says – NBC Chicago

The percentage of carjacking-related arrests in Cook County has dropped to 11% in 2021, according to prosecutors. This is the third year in a row that the arrest rate for such incidents has decreased.

Cook County prosecutors detailed the numbers in a virtual seminar on carjackings on Wednesday. The data presented shows that there have been 18 arrests out of 166 vehicle hijacking incidents so far in 2021, which is roughly 11%.

In 2020, the authorities arrested 178 people in connection with 1,417 carjackings, which is 13%. That was a steep decline from the previous year when there were far fewer carjackings, but a higher proportion where arrests took place. In 2019 there were 603 carjacking incidents and 122 arrests, about 20% of the cases.

In 2018, Cook County had 764 carjackings with 191 arrests, a rate of 25%. This percentage increased from 2017 when 15% of the 937 carjackings were arrested and in 2016 when 136 arrests were made in connection with 663 incidents, a rate of 21%.

Prosecutors released these numbers as the Chicago area continues to struggle with a significant increase in carjackings. According to police, carjackings in Chicago doubled in 2020 compared to the previous year – a point confirmed by the prosecutor’s data.

According to police, at least three carjackings were reported in Chicago on Tuesday evening, which resulted in an increase in incidents of the crime. Sandra Torres reports.

The Chicago Police broke out late last month. David Brown announced steps the department is taking to address the recent surge in carjacking.

Brown and head of detectives, Brendan Deenihan, said the department will add more detectives to help find the people who perpetrated the citywide carjackings and bring them to the Cook County Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Brown said that the city’s carjacking crimes are committed on average by people between the ages of 15 and 20, with one perpetrator only being 12 years old. He urged others to work with the city’s young people to contribute to the effort, saying it would take more than just law enforcement to contain the problem.

“Law enforcement agencies cannot do this alone. We need everyone – teachers, mentors, coaches, parents, the faith community, and others – to help us,” Brown said.

Deenihan said the additional resources CPD added in 2021 will allow a carjacking-specific team to operate in every detective area in the city. He said the department must work personally with the neighborhoods to resolve the issue.

“We need to work directly with young people to create opportunities and dissuade them from contributing to this problem,” Deenihan said.

CPD has shared best practice tips to avoid becoming a victim of carjacking in Chicago. Brown said that groups of carjackers tend to travel in pairs or four, and typically individuals solicit an opportunity to surrender.

“One of the tips we try to give victims is to be aware of those around them,” Brown said. “Try as much as you can when walking from a store, from your car, and back to your car to look around for any suspicious activity. If you see anything suspicious, this is where you have to call 911 and say Behind my car stood a suspicious car instead of facing an armed confrontation. ”

Brown noted that some carjackings have found their way into the Chicago suburbs, which is why CPD is working hard to reduce the crimes of regional cooperation.