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We talked about the embarrassing failure of the media to pose tough questions to President-elect Joe Biden throughout the campaign and to create some kind of protective journalistic cocoon around him. This pattern continued after the election. Preselected reporters laughingly asked Biden soft ball questions as they continued a virtual blackout on stories like Hunter Biden’s influence on the peddling controversy. Then something strange happened yesterday. One reporter actually asked Biden a real question. CBS news reporter Bo Erickson asked Biden if he would support the CDC and not the teachers’ union in closing schools. Biden’s response was a personal attack on the reporter. This is simply not done and will not be tolerated. Think about the chaos: the entire press corps is expected to ask questions and Biden is expected to answer them.

Bo Erickson had previously drawn a reprimand from Biden when he asked for a response to the Hunter Biden scandal. He just asked, ‘Mr. Biden, how do you react to the New York Post story about your son, sir? “Biden’s response was again a personal attack:” I know you would ask. I have no answer, it’s another smear campaign right down your alley, those are the questions you keep asking. “

Biden also blew up on a question raised by the scandal by an NBC reporter and a Fox reporter asking about his son. These are the only known cases in which the cone of silence around Biden has been violated. . . until yesterday.

Erickson asked Biden a question On the way out of the room where Biden met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Chairman Chuck Schumer: “Mr Biden, the COVID task force said it was safe for children to be back in class. “

That would be an important and sensible question. The CDC does not recommend closing schools because studies show an exceptionally low risk for such children. Such closures cause significant costs for both children and their parents, ranging from loss of educational advancement to depression, employment problems and other problems.

However, to the public and press corps, the appearance of a reporter asking an actual substantive question to Biden was like watching Big Foot ride the Lock Ness monster across the conference room. The only evidence that it was real and not an illusion was Biden’s quick reprimand.

It’s the kind of question the president-elect would expect if he sticks to his plan for dealing with Covid-19. However, Biden attacked Erickson again personally because he had violated the unwritten rule against questions of content: “Why are you the only one who always asks questions? “

This question sums up the situation perfectly. We should all want to know why Erickson is the only one (other than Peter Doocy) asking such questions. Most of the media was open to Biden during the campaign. The hope, however, was that once he was elected, the media would find a measure of independence and integrity in their stance toward Biden. That won’t happen as long as Biden can ask exactly why the Erickson is “the only guy” who asks questions.

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