CDS Drug – 5 Fatally Highly effective Drug Varieties

CDS Drug – 5 Fatally Powerful Drug Types

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CDS Drug – 5 Deadly Drug Types

CDS stands for Controlled Dangerous Substance. It is illegal to have CDS medication. There is a federal law that regulates US drug policy. This law is that Law on regulated substances. (CSA)

The CSA contains an overview of the regulation of the individual drugs. They then organize these drugs in 5 categories. It describes the categories as "schedules".

Remember: the first is the worst. Do you see how it rhymes? The first schedule includes drugs like heroin, meth, and LSD. We don't consider them medically valuable.

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (Drug investigation) has also identified these drugs as harmful due to their high addiction rate. The DEA publishes a full list of CDS drugs. They are constantly updating this list.

NJ CDS Drug Schedule


Name of the drug



Heroin, meth, LSD

Highest search rate


Cocaine, oxycodone

High addiction rate


Ketamine, anabolic steroid

Abuse potential


Diazepam, midazolam

Lower than I, II, III


Codeine, Motofen

Lowest potential

How does a drug become CDS?

The CSA takes certain factors into account when determining the “dangerousness” of a particular drug. As soon as the drug has been analyzed and classified as harmful, it is classified as a “CDS drug”.

These are the factors listed below Federal law:

  1. Its actual or relative potential for abuse.
  2. Scientific evidence of its pharmacological effects, if known.
  3. State of scientific knowledge about the drug or other substance.
  4. Its history and current pattern of abuse. Extent, duration and significance of the abuse.
  5. What is the public health risk, if any?
  6. His psychological or physiological addiction.
  7. Whether the substance is a direct precursor of a substance that is already controlled under this subchapter.

Federal CDS Drug Schedule

Federal CDS schedule

CDS drug possession penalties

First of all, it is important to know the amount (weight) of medication you have.
The greater the "weight" or amount of medication you have, the more serious the consequences.
If you have been charged with small amounts of drugs (for personal use), your matter will most likely be treated as an offense.
An example of a small amount would be less than 50 grams Marijuana.
The maximum sentence for drug abuse charges is up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $ 1,000.
All other drug possession charges are treated as criminal offenses.
You will face either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th degree offenses.

Can I get parole for CDS fees?

Again, it all depends on the amount of medication you have and the type of fees.

For example, if you were bluntly caught by the police and arrested for simply owning the CDS, you could probably go into the conditional release program.

However, if the police arrest you for "weight" of a 3rd degree crime, we must do everything we can to get you to do it PTI.

If you have been arrested for the nature and nature of the CDS drug accusations, we are here to help you.

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