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CEO Mike Lindell’s Notes Reference Imposition of Martial Law – JONATHAN TURLEY

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, has long been a die-hard supporter of President Donald Trump. Indeed, on the day of the infamous pre-Capitol riot speech, Lindell told the media that he was confident the day would bring justification to the president. The statement left many of us scratching our heads as confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory was only hours away. Now the Washington Post has blown up Lindell, who has left the Oval Office, apparently relating to the Insurrection Act and the imposition of martial law. Media reports said President Trump “broke off his meeting with Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, within minutes after the businessman was seen in the White House with martial law branding notes.”

I previously condemned General Michael Flynn for his martial law proposal and criticized the President for not immediately kicking him out of the Oval Office.

Lindell is supposed to denied the notes referred to “martial law” but the picture confirms the hint. One line read “Martial law, if necessary, after the first hint of anything …”. The memo also applies to the use of “the first hint of any when necessary. . . “So it could have been an indication of the application of martial law with additional violence, but Lindell’s earlier rejection made many ponder the purpose of such a declaration. I also criticized an earlier tweet from Lindell that referred to martial law. That was before the Capitol uprising.

In particular, there appear to be various layoffs, including Pat Cipollone, White House attorney, and Gina Haspel, director of the CIA. Bizarrely, it refers to relatively low replacements of positions with previously unknown numbers. The combination of replacing sensible officials with wholesalers and introducing martial law sounds pretty tyrannical.

After an attack on our Capitol while the presidential election was confirmed, this is barely what it takes to give us “the best sleep ever.”

My objection remains the same as when I met General Flynn in the Oval Office. The President continues to surround himself with figures who appear to hold extreme views on the application of martial law. If a president could unilaterally declare martial law over his own election, it would not be an invitation to tyranny, but tyranny itself.

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