Chennai: Lawyer sits in automotive, argues case, HC sad | Chennai Information

Chennai: Lawyer sits in car, argues case, HC unhappy | Chennai News

CHENNAI: The pandemic has done strange things to institutions that cling to their fortified traditions.
For example, online court hearings have seen such a spectacle as casual attorneys, those caught smoking or lying on the bed in virtual arguments, those who used explosives without muting the microphone – undoubtedly became all of them hoisted or fined various courts.
Now the incidence of such inappropriate behaviors is declining, but not entirely ruled out.
On Wednesday, Madras High Court Judge SM Subramaniam insulted a lawyer who “argued” his case in his car while another man watched from the back seat.
With the exception of the attorney’s “casual” approach, the judge made it clear that such acts would amount to disregard for legal proceedings.
“The petitioner’s attorney, who is causally in a stationary car, represents the case, which is inadmissible in view of the rules for video conferencing announced by the Supreme Court.”
He said, “Another person was also sitting in the back of the car, and this court believes that such a presentation of the case is a disregard of the judicial process under the Supreme Court rules on videoconferencing.”
He then directed the mistaken attorney to file an affidavit by February 4th explaining what he had done.
The Madras Supreme Court, due to resume its in-person trial from Feb. 8, after nearly 10 months of pandemic-triggered lockdown protocol, had issued a circular with at least 10 bans on lawyers making virtual arguments. Although they do not specifically state that arguing in the car would be malpractice, the guidelines state: “All proceedings conducted by a court through videoconferencing are judicial proceedings and all courtesies and protocols required for proceedings in physical courts apply should apply Mulalis Mulandis. ”
However, several lawyers state that they are being forced to stand on the side of the road waiting for their cases to be called due to a lack of seamless connectivity. They then sit in cars as windshields act as noise protection during disputes.