Chicago Jackson Forex Alternate Sues three Joliet Entities Over Alleged Unlawful Test Cashing

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The Chicago Jackson Currency Exchange sued three Joliet companies for allegations that the companies were operated illegally.

The Chicago Jackson Currency Exchange recently filed a civil lawsuit against three Joliet companies in Will County. It was filed for allegations that the three companies had violated Illinois law by going to the Boost Mobile Store at 1399 Plainfield Road, a store at 1350 W. Jefferson St., and a third store on Joliet's east side, 321 for Check check advertising would have advertised Collins St. ”Among the accused are Plaza Robles, D Mobile Communications and GPM Communications. The plaintiff operates a currency exchange licensed from the Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulation.

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Gilberto Ramirez and his wife entered the Boost Mobile Store at 1399 Plainfield Road on June 6, according to the lawsuit.

"Mr. Ramirez speaks and reads both Spanish and English. He watched an outside sign promoting check cashing and he saw a neon sign in English that was visible on the outside and said" Payroll Checks "in English and Spanish … Mr. Ramirez turned to a GPM employee and asked if he would cash his paycheck, who was behind a glass window in an area that was protected from the public. ”

The Chicago Jackson Currency Exchange said, “The employee accepted the check, cashed it, and deducted a fee for cashing the check. There were no booked cashing fees for checks. "The lawsuit also argues that GPM" has created an area in its store on Plainfield Road that is specifically dedicated to check cashing. It is a space that is adjacent to the business with mobile phones. An area with a cage has been built on the premises, similar to that used in licensed currency exchanges for check cashing transactions. “Even when the lawsuit was filed, GPM reportedly still offered check cashing services for a fee.

The lawsuit also indicated that Ramirez and his wife entered the Joliet business on April 26, around 1350 W. Jefferson St. According to the couple, the store also had a sign advertising its check cashing services. The court documents state:

"Mr. Ramirez … asked if they would cash his paycheck. Mr. Ramirez was taken to another area of ​​the shop, where he saw an employee standing behind a glass window in an area that was protected from the public. The employee took the check counter, cashed it and deducted a check cashing fee. He received no transaction receipt. There were no check cashing schedules. "

Then, on May 16, Ramirez visited the 321 Collins Street store that "applied to sell Western Wear and check cashing." According to the lawsuit, the "clerk in the store took Ramirez's check and cashed it, deducting a fee for cashing the paycheck." The plaintiffs further argued:

"There were no fee schedules for cashing checks. Each of the accused provided services … for cashing checks for a fee or service charge. None of the accused are licensed by the State of Illinois to change money at their current location or at any other location in the State of Illinois. The accused and each of them operate an unregulated money service business. The alleged conduct of each accused constitutes an act of unfair competition against the plaintiff, a licensed exchange of money with the Foreign Minister and the IDFPR. "

The lawsuit not only details the various incidents at the three locations, but also highlights the fact that “operating an unlicensed exchange is a Class A criminal offense and that state law provides for an injunction through licensed ones Currency exchange can be initiated. As a result, the lawsuit seeks an injunction and an injunction that is to be made permanent to prevent the defendants from operating illegally.


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