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Chicago Prosecutor Suspended For Stating Adam Toledo Was Armed Before The Shooting – JONATHAN TURLEY

Chicago prosecutor James Murphy was on leave Saturday after finding 13-year-old Adam Toledo in a court hearing earlier that month in his possession. The statement was made during the loan negotiation for Ruben Roman, 21, who was near Toledo on the night of his death. The action was taken despite the Chicago police’s position that Toledo was armed up to a split second before the shooting – a view that was also confirmed by local media after reviewing the videotape. However, various politicians such as Andrew Yang have insisted that this was the shooting of an “unarmed child” by the police. The mistake may be the use of the word “has” in a judicial statement. The question is whether this type of action was justified for a prosecutor trying to keep a dangerous person in prison.

The shooting took place in a fortress owned by the Latin Kings, a notoriously violent gang in Chicago. Many of us who grew up in Chicago are familiar with the Latin Kings, a huge criminal organization that often uses children to hold guns because they may experience less prosecution. Roman is charged with recklessly unloading a firearm and improper use of a weapon by a criminal, as well as endangering the child and violating probation.

That incident happened around 3 a.m. when two Chicago police officers confronted the 13-year-old and Roman while investigating gunfire in Little Village. According to prosecutors, Roman had fired a gun at a passing car. Roman is said to be a member of the Latin kings. The president of the Chicago Police Union also claimed that Toledo was a well-known member of the Latin Kings.

It appears Murphy turned down the loan on Roman, who was accused of shooting a passing car and allegedly being a member of a violent gang. He noticed that Toledo had a gun. As the local media noted, this is aided by the videotape showing a gun in his hand less than two seconds before it was fired. A gun was found near Toledo and police said he threw the gun as he turned on the police.

The line of dispute in the offer could be: “The officer tells [Toledo] to drop it as [Toledo] turns to the officer. [Toledo] has a gun in his right hand. “One could reasonably argue that the line appears to be saying that Toledo was holding the gun at the time of the shooting. Murphy would likely say that the previous line makes it clear that it is an indication of a gun [Toledo] turns to the officer. “According to the police, he” has “a gun in his hand in a split second before turning to the police officer. The question is whether such a difference warrants a public correction rather than a public suspension.

The firm of Cook County Attorney General Kimberly M. Foxx announced that Murphy has been suspended on payment for not being “fully informed” prior to testifying. Foxx had a long and controversial track record in town, particularly in her role in the Jussie Smollett scandal.

Toledo is clearly unarmed at the time of his shooting. He appears to have thrown the gun within seconds of the shooting by Chicago policeman Eric Stillman. This begs the question of whether the officer was still entitled to use lethal force. However, this would not mean that Toledo was unarmed in the encounter.

Murphy noted that the surveillance video showed Roman shooting at the passing car with Toledo next to him. He said Roman and Toledo then ducked into an alley where officers located them. Despite the assumption that Roman was armed, Stillman grabbed Roman to the ground. When another officer takes Roman into custody, Stillman investigates Toledo. Murphy reportedly noted that the gloves worn by Roman tested positive for bullet residue and that seven cartridge cases recovered by officers matched the pistol Roman had previously used. He reportedly added that the weapon appears to be the same one Toledo was carrying.

The office may also have objected to this latter part in the absence of confirmation that it is the same weapon or even fingerprint evidence that ties Toledo to the weapon found nearby. The image of the gun in Toledo’s hand seems to resemble the one found near it after the shooting. In particular, this should be a problem that has already been largely resolved by the police. Here are the pictures: