China’s reaction to deported workers should be considered – lawyer

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A Chinese worker who fled the police while being taken to Auckland Airport for deportation has been withdrawn for escaping.

The Chinese worker appeared in the Auckland District Court today and has now been returned to Mt Eden Prison.
Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

He is one of ten Chinese men to be deported after being caught doing illegal work on a construction site in Auckland last month.

His lawyer claims he was a victim of human trafficking.

It became known that the man opened the door of the police car he was in on Thursday when he was deported and he walked for seven hours.

He surrendered to the police after speaking to a Mandarin-speaking person he met on the street.

At today’s Auckland District Court, the escape fee was withdrawn and the man returned to Mt Eden Prison.

His attorney Matt Robson said another attempt to deport him was likely.

Robson said China’s human rights record must be considered before sending home the 10 illegal Chinese workers.

Matt Robson, representing nine of the men, said officials should ask about the potential for retaliation in China.

“China is unknown to many of us, but the problem of corruption among those in different positions of power is well known.”

Robson previously said that the fact that the man escaped showed a degree of desperation.

“He and everyone else are people who have been disabled by both the Department of Labor and Immigration New Zealand. These are the questions that need to be asked in order to get to the bottom of this Others.”

Robson said he couldn’t speak to his client yesterday, which is part of his ongoing troubles with Immigration NZ.

He claims the men were trafficked, but Immigration NZ said it found no evidence, and Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi also said he was assured that the correct processes were followed.

Immigration NZ earlier said that arrangements are being made to deport the man who fled.

The other men are being held in Mt. Eden Prison pending dates for their out-of-country flights.