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Judge: Defense attorney to pay costs of mistrial | 406 Politics

Shandor Badaruddin, Hartman’s defense attorney and attorney, ordered the mistrial to be paid for on Friday but did not return an email on Sunday afternoon asking for comment.

Prosecutors charged Hartman, 35, in 2019 after a Troy woman told state investigators that Hartman had ordered her to sell her father’s pension, which would have earned him a $ 2 million inheritance, and a pension from him to buy without a license in Montana Provide such financial advice as per fee collection materials.

Investigators found that Hartman did the same for residents of Libby and Troy from 2015 to 2019, and did so without the appropriate licenses, according to coverage of the trial by The Western News. Initial billing records say Hartman made more than $ 700,000 by advising a customer to buy one of his annuities.

Hartman’s defense was preserved during the trial, he hadn’t taken advantage of anyone. The Western News reported that Badaruddin said in opening speeches that state investigators had pressured Hartman’s clients to testify against him.

According to his ruling on Friday, during the nine-day trial of Hartman’s defense attorney, Cuffe noted “regarding conduct” such as wasting time with witnesses over undisputed facts, arriving at the hearings with no printouts of exhibits and bringing witnesses into the courtroom after longer than necessary.