Class Motion/Mass Torts: Podhurst Orseck Crew Leads $844M Aircraft Crash Settlement

Steven Marks, Kristina Infante and Pablo Rojas, Podhurst Orseck

Steven Marks, Kristina Infante and Pablo Rojas, Podhurst Orseck

Steven Marks, Kristina Infante and Pablo Rojas

Podhurst Orseck

A settlement of $ 844 million was reached for 43 victims of a crash with an airplane chartered by the Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense.

Podhurst Orseck attorneys Steven C. Marks, Kristina Infante and Pablo Rojas reached settlement for more than half of the 71 people killed in the crash less than two years after the negligence and unlawful death lawsuit was filed against the owners.

In 2016, the team was on a LaMia Bolivia flight to the Copa Sudamericana final. The lawsuit alleged the pilots skipped a scheduled refueling stop and did not alert air traffic controllers of the jet’s low fuel level until they were put on a holding pattern a third time.

At this point the plane suffered a complete blackout and crashed in the mountains near Medellin.

The judge of the Miami-Dade Circuit, Martin Zilber, made final judgments last summer. The settlement awarded $ 5 to 30 million, with the largest amount going to goalkeeper Jakson Ragnar Follmann, who survived the fall but lost a leg to amputation. He was one of only six survivors.

There are still legal disputes pending against insurers.

The law firm has been known for its aviation work for decades and its lawyers have been recognized with the Most Effective Lawyers Award for the latest crash solution.

Describe a crucial moment in the case:

Steven Marks: We were able to successfully demonstrate to the court that all parties had made efforts for over a year to reach these agreements and we convinced the court that we had reached a definitive agreement that is sufficiently specific and clear enough in terms of its terms to to be enforced.

Our efforts to seek justice on behalf of our customers have gone on for several years. In the end, the final decision by the court to enforce enforcement agreements that entitle our customers to judgment on damages totaling over $ 866 million was a major win for these families.