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CNN Keeps Contributor Who Lied On The Air To Anderson Cooper – JONATHAN TURLEY

Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, came forward this week to confirm that he is “Anonymous,” the author of the bombshell opinion column published in The New York Times two years ago and the subsequent book “A Warning.” What is most notable is that Taylor is now a CNN contributor who will remain in that role despite lying to Anderson Cooper and CNN viewers on the air. CNN sees no problem or conflict in a contributor who knowingly lied on the air while others were being hammered as the suspected source. Indeed, this is fast becoming a curious credential for CNN contributors.

In August, Taylor appeared with Cooper in an interview slamming Trump. Cooper asked him point blank if he was the author.

Taylor responded with a repeated denial:  “I’m not. Look, that was a parlor game that happened in Washington, DC, of a lot of folks trying to think of who might that be. I’ve got my own thoughts about who that might be.”

Cooper asked again: “You’re not ‘anonymous.’”

“I wear a mask for two things, Anderson. Halloweens and pandemics. So, no.”

Well, three things, Halloweens, pandemics, and lying to my future employer.

What is incredible is that Taylor insists in the interview that he wants to focus on Trump “and his character” while knowingly and repeatedly lying to Cooper and viewers:

As Taylor was holding forth on good character and making huge amounts of money from his book, others were being investigated as the possible source including longtime national security aide Victoria Coates, who was  reassigned to the Department of Energy. On Twitter, Taylor acknowledged that he might owe Coates an apology. Not the viewers however.

CNN however distinguishes between lies that undermine Trump and those other lies. It will keep Taylor as a contributor. That leaves the network with a rogue’s gallery of accused liars.  CNN hired former intelligence chief James Clapper after he lied under oath.  It hired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after he alleged lied to federal investigators.  Now it has retained Taylor who not only lied but lied to CNN and its viewers. The only common denominator is that they may be liars but they are anti-Trump liars. It is like a media version of being a “made man,” where you earn your bones by showing a willingness to do anything to protect a narrative — whether it is true or not.

It is worth noting Anderson Cooper has repeatedly denounced Trump and his aides for lying and CNN maintains that “facts matter.” Indeed, it was Copper who stated in one prior show: “What kind of person hires someone who promises never to lie to us, as Kayleigh McEnany did on her first day on the job, and then breaks that promise repeatedly?”


It was a good question then and it is a good question now: “What kind of (network) hires someone who promises never to lie to us… and then breaks that promise repeatedly?”

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