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CNN media reporter Brian Stelter seemed to be answering my question a few days ago about whether the media would bury this scandal with Democratic MP Eric Swalwell. The answer now is clearly yes. Indeed, Stelter criticized the coverage of Fox as being overly over the Biden scandal as his network continues to downplay or bury both the Biden and Swalwell stories. Coverage of the Biden story would expose CNN’s own failure to honestly report an important story ahead of the elections in order to protect Biden. This is a scandal that not only results in possible criminal prosecution of the new president’s son, but also includes emails and evidence directly contradicting Joe Biden’s previous denials of knowledge or involvement. However, Stelter sees the problem as too detailed. It seems that it is not Biden who controls the media, but the media who simply control their “parts”.

CNN has been hammered for its prejudice in burying or downplaying these stories. Recently, CNN was struck by a secretly taped tape of President Jeff Zucker telling CNN staff to hit Trump even harder and CNN host Jake Tapper complains that the “right wing in the Hunter Biden Story goes crazy ”. Recently, CNN analyst April Ryan hit reporters with an embarrassing tapping of Joe Biden and suggested they identify the confidential source.

This is the network that has extensively covered all allegations against President Trump and his family, including a long line of false stories related to the Russian collusion theory. But Stelter now explains that the coverage of the Biden story is just too much: “Journalism is all about proportionality, and Fox has a big problem with portion control.” On CNN there was no portion control problem that it was referred to Russian agreements that were later exposed. There are no concerns about the virtual blackout in coverage of a Democratic House Intelligence Committee member who was reportedly seduced by a Chinese intelligence agent. There’s no problem with the Hunter Biden blackout. I assumed that the best portion control is no portion at all.

In particular, the New York Times has not yet addressed the Swalwell scandal. At all. No mention. This is the newspaper that won the Pulitzer for its Russian coverage of collusion that ultimately fell apart over a conspiracy with Trump or his campaign. This is the newspaper that couldn’t get enough about a Russian woman accused of being an agent with the National Rifle Association. However, this is the point with echo journalism. The same media outlets that killed the Hunter Biden story maintain a unified front on this and the Swalwell story. It’s just embarrassing when reported. In addition, these media have largely written off half of that land. They play in front of readers and viewers who do not want to hear conflicting reports, especially when they have been told that Hunter Biden’s story is unfounded.

This now has the feel of a “made medium” that made a name for itself by killing the Hunter Biden story – and rejects any semblance of journalistic independence and integrity. Now the story has to be rejected or lost in importance. Otherwise, the same reporters were fraudsters or facilitators of a cover-up. The Biden emails reveal what has long been clear that Hunter Biden and his uncle were involved in a global influence peddling program. There is now a federal criminal investigation and testimony underway that directly contradicts what Joe Biden said. CNN’s answer is to look at the tisk-tisk cover simply as a portion control problem.