Cobb approves funds for additional District Attorney staff


“The programs we’re trying to get things right would have eliminated these deaths in our prison because these people would have been brought back to the community, back to their jobs, back to their homes, where they would have adequate medical care Broady said. “What we’re trying to do is take two to three years and reduce it to 90 days, the length of time people have in our criminal justice system.”

The positions are partially funded temporarily from around $ 276,000 of the $ 132 million CARES Act that the federal government granted the county in 2020.

Broady is expected to require the county to permanently fund the posts, which include two legal administration specialists, two investigators and a criminal intelligence analyst, when commissioners approve the budget for fiscal 2022, which begins in October.

Gambrill argued that it was inappropriate to use federal CARES law funds – to alleviate economic hardship due to the pandemic – on expenses that would become permanent. That kind of spending would create deficits, Gambrill said.

“Essentially, this board is preparing us for another $ 30, 60 and 90 million deficit,” Gambrill said.