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University of British Columbia Professor Fired After Doxxing Students Who Dropped Her Class – JONATHAN TURLEY

We have often discussed professors under fire for making controversial or extremist statements on social media or blog posts. I am often against discipline for such statements, even when professors express hatred or encourage violence against those of opposing views. As we discussed earlier, a professor called for more Trump supporters to be killed. Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis, who writes for Lawyers, Guns and Money, said he saw “nothing wrong” with the killing of a Conservative protester – a view defended by other academics. While writers like law professor Paul Campus on sites like Lawyers, Guns, and Money are calling for the dismissal of those of opposing views (including myself), it is not their commitment to freedom of speech, but our own that must guide our actions.

That is different. This actively tries to harm the students by doxxing. This type of behavior has shown up before. CNN legal analyst and Stanford lecturer Asha Rangappa fucked a student journalist for criticizing her. However, this did not appear to affect a student at Stanford.

Wolf responded to her resignation in a hot blog post that reads, “UBC is a colonial institution. It exists on stolen land and the fact is, it’s illegal. “She added,” My letter of discharge states that I have no longer been teaching at UBC for no reason. Well there is a reason. The fact that it is not specified is the statement itself. The reason for my dismissal is that I will not conform to the norms of the institution. “However, she promised to fight:

I think if I can’t fight that – a resourceful, educated, mature woman – how is an indigenous child who is a descendant of survivors, all of whom defend themselves from it, treated like a second class citizen in our colonial public education system to become?

The wolf is my totem animal. I follow the paths of the wolf that resonate with me. One beast of burden, the wolf who is the hunter, eats last and ensures that each animal has its food before participating.

The problem is that Dr. Wolf was clearly wrong and abusive in treating the students. She did not defend, but attacked others. This was a compulsory course and students complained about their behavior and teaching. She wrote interim reports in which each student was described as “unconscious and unacceptable, the reinforcement of white supremacy and / or indigenous specific racism” as well as “intolerance of” otherness “”. After the university cleared the reports, it doxxed the students.

Reddit also has an alleged tweet from Dr. Wolf, who (like others) is no longer available. The Reddit publication said Wolf later added, “Anonymity is the home of white supremacist actions. My former students slander me behind my back and against the media. This is what indigenous specific misogyny looks like. They need to be named and held accountable for their violence. Most importantly, they shouldn’t be teachers. “I couldn’t find this tweet.

The students are not alone with such attacks. Dr. Wolf also attacked a faculty member at St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia who was asking questions about Wolf’s indigenous background. According to media reports, she is of Polish and Indian descent. Dr. Darryl RJ Leroux, Associate Professor in the Department of Social Justice at St. Mary’s University, referred to her background. In a tweet he stated, “It now seems likely that the infamous UBC teacher education professor is a white woman disguised as ‘indigenous’. Her alleged attack has harmed racial students and sparked a stream of white supremacist hatred directed against BIPOC. “

He recently tweeted “A lot of the media have me regarding Dr. Wolf contacted. I don’t do interviews. Please contact @nomoreredface whose research I retweeted. For the sake of clarity, Dr. Wolf’s G-grandma is a Cree-Métis woman. I write about * lateral * descent in chapter 3 of my book. “

Wolf, for his part, attacked Leroux for his “genocidal view of cultural transmission” and wrote that it was abused by critics.[s]with his great job discrediting an indigenous professor engaged in powerful post-secondary decolonization education. “She just ended this later posting with,” I have no words but two for people like you, and these are overdue: F ** k you. “

Ok, now you see how bizarre it all got.

I don’t see how Dr. Wolf could take legal action if she resigned, but she may be related to intent to defend himself publicly and not legally. The attack on the “dirty dozen” named students crosses the line for academics and proves to be a sufficient basis for discipline. When these students take public positions and Dr. Denouncing Wolf, the situation could be different. In fairness, anonymous students who publicly attack academics can be unfair and deny a professor the opportunity to disprove the basis or story behind such stories. However, it was totally unjustified and unacceptable to first blame these students for dropping out of their course and then publishing their names.

The key is that this didn’t appear accidentally, but on purpose. Sometimes academics and others send out rash tweets or inadvertently reveal information that would normally have protected them from disclosure. In those instances where the error is recognized, I believe a university should limit any act to a reprimand or similar act. This seems like a deliberate and minor effort to punish these students for dropping their class.

I therefore assume that this will not be the last time that Dr. Wolf will hear, but this will probably be the last time UBC hears from her as a faculty member.