Columbus Metropolis Lawyer seeks to cease assortment of vitality charge

Columbus City Attorney seeks to stop collection of energy fee

COLUMBUS, oh. (WCMH) – The cities of Columbus and Cincinnati have teamed up to prevent residents from being billed tens of millions of euros on electricity.

Zach Klein, a Columbus attorney, filed with the Cincinnati attorneys an injunction against the state of Ohio and electricity companies to stop the charges approved by House Bill 6.

Klein says it will allow Columbus residents to have $ 25 million in their pockets instead of putting that on utility bills.

“The interest payers should not be subject to the mandates of a corruption law for the benefit of a few,” Klein said in a press release about the filing.

“We anticipate that HB 6 will be overturned by the courts due to its unconstitutionality. However, this injunction is necessary to protect interest payers while legal proceedings are initiated,” Klein said in the press release.

Once a fee is collected, it is no longer refundable to an interest payer under Ohio law, Klein explained. “If the cities ‘application is successful, no additional fees will be charged to electricity consumers’ bills from January 1, 2021, as originally prescribed in HB 6.”

Columbus and Cincinnati joined a lawsuit on October 26, 2020 to find HB 6 unconstitutional. Klein said the move was to protect Ohioans from “… nearly a billion dollars in new fees that will be charged to their utility bills over the next six years.”