Commonwealth’s Legal professional: Newport Information officer was justified in killing of murder suspect who shot officer

Commonwealth’s Attorney: Newport News officer was justified in killing of homicide suspect who shot officer

NEWPORT NEWS, VA. (WAVY) – A Newport News police officer was authorized to fatally shoot a murder suspect who had just seriously injured another officer in an attempted arrest in 2019, Newport News Commonwealth prosecutors said.

The bureau completed its review of the case earlier this year, saying Jerome Uzzle had “exposed an imminent risk of serious physical harm to members of the public as well as officers close to him” during the incident.

In the CA office, Uzzle reportedly shot a woman, Chandra Eason, less than two hours before the official’s shot on August 17, 2019.

And moments before he was hit, he had shot into a tagged police car parked near one of his familiar apartments at 5708 Madison Avenue, seriously injuring Newport News police officer Robert Stewart and a civilian drive.

Police Chief Steve Drew called it a “Ambush Style Shoot.”

The coroner later decided that Uzzle’s gun was linked to that shootout and the shooting at Eason.

Boss: Murder suspect died after exchanging gunfire with police

The CA office said Officer Branden Kidder’s vehicle was parked around the corner from Stewart’s vehicle, a witness to the ambush. Then he opened fire on Uzzle when Uzzle ran away.

Uzzle was hit twice, once in the upper body and once in the thigh, and arrested seconds later. He later died at the Riverside Regional Medical Center.

The Commonwealth, citing state law stating that officials could use lethal force if they believe a suspect could cause serious harm to others, “analyzed the circumstances by considering what Officer Kidder did in the moments immediately prior to his discharge would have reasonably believed the firearm issued by the Ministry. ”

The Commonwealth said it would take no further action in this case.

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