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Positive COVID-19 case discovered at Christian County State's Attorney's Office | Top Stories

TAYLORVILLE, ill. (WAND) – A positive case of COVID-19 was identified out of the Christian County State’s Attorney’s Office. 

Chris-Mont Emergency Management Agency officials did not elaborate on the circumstances behind the positive case, other than the to say the office is working with the Christian County Health Department on completing contact tracing. More COVID-19 disinfecting protocols are being completed, with staff reduced over the next 14 days due to COVID-19 protocols.

Anyone who was briefly at the state’s attorney’s office recently would have a risk seen as low by Illinois Department of Public Health protocols because they were not at a distance of less than six feet from someone for more than 15 minutes. 

“As always, you should monitor your health because COVID is a virus that is active throughout our communities,” EMA officials said in a press release. “If you should begin to feel ill or have a concern, contact your physician for further guidance.”

The EMA is encouraging social distancing, wearing masks to protect others when social distancing isn’t possible, frequent hand-washing and the regular cleaning of common touch areas.