Corona, suicide, politics … lawyer arrives to save lots of fugitive Nirav Modi – PNB Rip-off Nirav Modi Extradition Trial in UK Court docket Indian Jail Situation – NJ MMA Information

Corona, suicide, politics … lawyer arrives to save fugitive Nirav Modi – PNB Scam Nirav Modi Extradition Trial in UK Court Indian Prison Condition – NJ MMA News

The lawyer, who risks being tried in London against extradition to India, has proposed a new bet from the lawyer for diamond businessman Nirav Modi. The lawyer questioned the continuation of Indian prisons. In a UK court, Nirav Modi’s lawyer Clare Montgomery has argued that there is unlikely to be a fair trial against her client there. He also said that due to the lack of adequate medical facilities in Indian prisons, there is also a risk of suicide.

Punjab National Bank is the mastermind of the scam
It should be mentioned that Modi committed an almost $ 2 billion fraud with the Punjab National Bank (PNB). Various investigative agencies in India have registered charges against him. Modi’s aide, Mehul Choksi, is also wanted in India in this case. India requests the extradition of the wanted accused through the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) of Great Britain.

On the second day of the five-day Nirav extradition hearing in court, Judge Samuel Goose reviewed official figures from Indian prisons, including the Kovid-19 case at Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai. In the event of extradition, he will be detained in this prison. Nirav’s attorney, Clare Montgomery, also informed the court of his intention to obtain expert statements at new hearings later this week. These include a former judge of the Supreme Court of India, whose last name Katju is only mentioned.

Questions Raised About Indian Investigation Agencies
Montgomery told the court that the integrity of the justice system in India has been severely eroded … and that the Nirav Modi case has become a political issue with no presumption of innocence. He claimed that since the diamond trader has been viewed with hatred in India, a huge political need has arisen to condemn him and see him convicted. He said other defense witnesses also spoke of the deteriorating standards of behavior of investigative agencies, the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) and the Directorate of Enforcement (ED).

The decision may come at the end of the year
Nirav’s legal team also hinted at a plan to obtain expert testimony from Arthur Road Prison in May as part of an effort to respond to claims by the Indian government to curb the spread. of Kovid-19. Nirav faces criminal prosecution in two cases, one of the CBI for fraudulent commission of PNB, and the other case of ED for money laundering in this amount. The extradition decision is expected later this year.