County Legal professional Main John Gish Needs a Glad 4th From Kuwait | KCII Radio

County Attorney Major John Gish Wishes a Happy 4th From Kuwait | KCII Radio

Photo courtesy of Gish

With Independence Day celebrated this weekend, some may not be with family and friends, including those who serve as members of our military, such as Washington, Attorney General John Gish. The Army Reservist was called up for active duty earlier this year. He went to Texas for the first time in early March and has been deployed to Kuwait since then. Major Gish spoke to KCII News this week and said that he is fine and that he is the Nightshift Battle Major who oversees the operations center during the night.

Before July 4th, Gish said, "As July 4th is imminent, this is a date that lives in many of our thoughts. I think of the 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence and were ready to live their lives for this life, this freedom and sacrificing the pursuit of happiness. I think that kind of courage and selfless service lives on in today's military, and I'm pretty proud of that. "

He continues to keep an eye on the prosecution from abroad. And he has a special hello for his family and friends: "I just want to say hello to everyone." Hello! "To my wife Nicole, Brennan, my son and Kaylee, whose ninth birthday is imminent." Happy birthday , Sweet!"

Gish is expected to return to Iowa in early 2021. The full interview with Gish can be found here.