Covid-19 claims Durban lawyer’s life

Covid-19 claims Durban attorney’s life

By Charlene Somduth 1h ago

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Durban – Rajesh Hiralall, a noted lawyer, died after suffering a heart attack while being treated for Covid-19 at Mount Edgecombe Life Hospital on Monday.

Hiralall, 52, from uMhlanga, had a fever two weeks ago and went to his family doctor to test for the virus. His wife, Sonitha Hiralall, who is also a lawyer, said his results were positive.

“He was on medication but a week later he was still feeling sick and I took him to the clinic in uMhlanga for a check-up. Then he was admitted to Mount Edgecombe Hospital and put on a ventilator. On Monday morning he had a heart attack and left continue. “

He was cremated in the Verulam crematorium on Monday evening.

Hiralall grew up in Shallcross and, after enrolling at Marklands Secondary School, completed his law degree at what was then the University of Durban-Westville. He served his articles with Harold Gana’s attorneys in Verulam.

In 1997, he opened a practice in Gem City, Phoenix, and four years later moved to his current premises in Sunford.

“My husband was passionate about law. He wasn’t afraid to take cases. He fought for justice and to help people. His customers were like his family. He was a simple person with a golden heart. “She said they met at university. “We would have been married for 23 years next Monday (December 14th). Without him it will be very difficult this year. “

The couple have two children, Prajna and Pranav. They are both law students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Prajna is in her senior year and Pranav is in its second.

“I will run the practice, but the children will come to me when they qualify. Your father has built a strong legacy and once they qualify they must continue his practice. “

Sonitha and the children tested negative for the virus.

“We are a close family. His death is difficult to accept. We never expected that. Families need to be careful and practice good hygiene. Covid-19 is real. It kills and it will destroy your life just as it destroyed our life in just eight days. “

A lawyer who worked with Hiralall but refused to be named said, “I’ve worked with him for over 10 years. He was dedicated to his clients and was never afraid to go the extra mile. He worked tirelessly to bring justice for to get him. ” Customers. “

During a meeting of the KZN Executive Committee last week, hosting major events was advised against as they could become Covid-19 super spreaders. In a statement by the KZN

The government said the executive board had also determined that the country was still under lockdown and the disaster state was still ongoing.

“People are encouraged to visit and enjoy the KwaZulu-Natal Province. You can do small family activities without breaking the disaster management regulations. There is evidence of the second wave becoming a reality in other provinces. KZN is approaching the cliff of the second wave of Covid-19 according to the latest figures.

“The government is aware of the social and economic implications of not having major events in popular locations in the province during the Christmas season. However, the government believes the lives of our citizens are important and need to be protected. “

The KZN’s local government is reportedly considering a proposal to close all beaches during the Christmas period to combat the increasing Covid-19 infections in the province.

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