Crucial Mass: ‘A Ethical Challenge’: Black Mass Tort Legal professionals on George Floyd Protests. Two Girls Launch New Plaintiffs’ Agency. Discover Out Who’s Combating a COVID-19 Insurance coverage MDL.

Critical Mass: 'A Moral Issue': Black Mass Tort Lawyers on George Floyd Protests. Two Women Launch New Plaintiffs' Firm. Find Out Who's Fighting a COVID-19 Insurance MDL.

Welcome to Critical mass, Law.comWeekly briefing for lawyers on class actions and mass killings. Two prominent African American lawyers In bulk trials, one spoke to me about plaintiffs and one for the accused what the protests meant to them personally and professionally. Two lawyers have one Plaintiff company run by women in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. insurance companyand some plaintiffs don't want one MDL for cases in which rejected claims to business interruption have been asserted.

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