Day by day Coronavirus Deaths in Europe Have Returned to March/April Peak –

Daily Coronavirus Deaths in Europe Have Returned to March/April Peak –

You can see the original here on the Statista website, which I highly recommend. The increase is a mixture of a second wave in some Western European countries (e.g. Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy) and a first wave in some East / East Central European countries (e.g. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria), Romania). Indeed, some countries with a relatively mild first wave (Austria, Switzerland, Portugal) have more deaths per day in the second wave than in the first.

At this point in time, the per capita coronavirus death rate appears to have been significantly higher in Europe overall than in the US in recent days. This is particularly noticeable, for example, in the larger Western European countries that have already experienced the first wave (I’m only including countries with a population of 10 million or more here), although it is even more noticeable in some eastern countries of the first wave:

  • Belgium: 107.11 deaths per million in the last 7 days.
  • Italy: 42.56.
  • France: December 34
  • Portugal: 31.84.
  • Great Britain: 30.33.
  • Netherlands: 26.25.
  • Spain: 26.06.
  • US: 17.31.
  • Germany: 10.01.
  • Sweden: 5.83.

But the US death rate could also rise (given the surge in US cases in recent weeks).