Defense attorneys rebut FBI claims in alleged plot against Gov. Whitmer

Defense attorneys rebut FBI claims in alleged plot against Gov. Whitmer

JACKSON, me. Defense attorneys for Pete Musico, son-in-law Joseph Morrison and Paul Bellar, allegedly involved in a domestic terrorist attack to kidnap or kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer, claim things didn’t get serious until the FBI -Informant was involved.

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Thursday was the second day of the hearing for the three members of the Wolverine Watchmen. The hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence to bring the men to justice in the domestic terrorist attack against Whitmer and storm the Lansing Capitol Building.


The prosecutors presented their arguments on Wednesday. They claimed Musico, Morrison and Bellar not only founded the Wolverine Watchmen, but also used social media to recruit other anti-government members.

Lawyers backed up allegations that the three intended to act violently on Thursday.

Morrison’s attorney alleged that Wolverine Watchmen members trained in Munith to protect themselves from far-fetched threats like the invasion of the United States or the need to tactically sweep their homes.

The defense also satirized the violent rhetoric about Whitmer and that their activities only escalated after an FBI informant became involved.

It’s a defense similar to the one used in 2012 by lawyers representing members of the Hutaree group. The self-proclaimed religious group from Lenawee County was ambushed by the FBI in 2010.

Prosecutors argued the group intended to make a fake 911 call, kill answering police officers, and detonate a bomb at the funeral to kill more police officers and civilians.


A federal judge acquitted seven Hutaree defendants in 2012 for conspiracy and sedition.

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