Delhi lawyer Vibhor Anand, accused of floating rumours about Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, will get bail

Delhi lawyer Vibhor Anand, accused of floating rumours about Sushant Singh Rajput's death, gets bail

Mumbai police have arrested a Nagpur man who allegedly made derogatory remarks about Uddhav and Aaditya Thackeray and a congress leader.

A court hearing on Monday granted bail to Delhi-based attorney Vibhor Anand, who was arrested last month by the Mumbai police cyber cell for allegedly spreading conspiracy theories related to the deaths of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput and talent manager Disha Salian would have. Also on Monday, a Mumbai police team arrested a Nagpur man who allegedly made derogatory remarks about Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray and his son and Cabinet Minister Aaditya.

Anand was arrested on October 15th. Three days later, he was taken into custody by a local court. He had requested bail, arguing that his custody was no longer required, but the district court denied his request on October 23, causing him to reschedule the court. While the court granted him bail on Monday, it kept his order until November 6 for prosecutors to appeal.

Attorney Ashok Saraogi said that Anand watched various television channels to keep up with the news, including one where the anchor said Rajput was only murdered because Salian was murdered and that a party was being held there got her house the day before she died by suicide. The request for bail stated that the “tall people” who allegedly attended the party were not named “in order to avoid defamation”.

The plea also stated that Anand was “led to believe” that the statements on the news channels were true.

The plea alleged that after Anand realized that his tweets could lead to controversy, he withdrew them and had no intention of defaming anyone or causing a crime. It was also alleged that Anand was never served a notice under the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure and that when he received a phone call from the police, he invited her to his home – where he was arrested.

The defense also said that although his client was a practicing lawyer, he had been mentally disturbed in recent months due to chronic alcohol abuse. He also stated that Anand was being treated in a hospital for another illness, that an alleged threat or video might have been posted due to absent-mindedness, and that he could not remember posting the alleged tweet or video.

Mirror reported on October 17 that Anand was arrested after an FIR was registered in August after uploading social media posts allegedly making defamatory statements against senior Maharashtra cabinet ministers and sharing them with the linked both cases.

Meanwhile, a police team arrested Sameet Thakkar, who allegedly made unpleasant comments about the CM, his son and a Nagpur congress minister.

The team from VP Marg Station admitted Thakkar immediately after his release on bail in a case registered in Nagpur. He’s being brought into town.

In July, a case of profanity and defamation against Thakkar from Mumbai was recorded.

According to FIR, on July 1, Thakkar sent tweets referring to Aaditya as “Mohammad Azam Shah of Maharashtra” and “baby penguin” and his father as “modern Aurangzeb”. In another tweet, he allegedly used abusive language against the Congress Nitin Raut.

Thakkar had filed a motion with the Bombay Supreme Court to overturn the FIR, claiming in a tweet that Shiv Sena workers tried to attack him. This petition is pending and the next hearing will be on Tuesday.

Another petition filed in Nagpur by Thakkar was dismissed for non-cooperation.