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We previously discussed the controversial story of Marc Elias, including allegations that he lied about the Clinton campaign funding for Steele Dossier. Elias has also been criticized for questioning elections when he and other Democratic lawyers denounced Republican challenges as a threat to democracy. Now Elias (who heads a new group called “Democracy Docket”) has come under heavy criticism again following a tweet some have described as inherently racist.

Democrats have used Georgia’s recent electoral law as a rallying call to federalize elections by referring to the law as “Jim Crow on Steroids” as described by President Biden. Biden has been called to the law repeatedly for demonstrably false statements. Elias has argued that the law is an obstacle for blacks and minority voters. He is denounced over a tweet suggesting that Georgia voters could not be expected to correctly read their driver’s licenses – a statement that appeared to apply to minority voters who would be disproportionately affected by such a requirement .

Elias tries to explain that the new law is such an obstacle to voting by stating that “the new Georgian law requires voters to present identification in order to vote in the mail. When using your driver’s license, you must provide the #. Either of the following two numbers is correct. If they set the other, he will be rejected. “Then he adds a picture of a Georgia driver’s license with two numbers separated and asks,” Are you sure you would pick the right one? “

Elias suggests that the numbers will be hopelessly confusing, effectively deterring black voters from voting.

Polls show that 72 percent of American adults are in favor of asking for photo ID to vote, but they haven’t faced the daunting challenge of finding their driver’s license number.

If voters cannot infer that the “DL” number relates to the “driver’s license” number, the form itself would make this clear by only having boxes for nine numbers and instructions on where to find the number . There should be concerns about how to fix errors in such systems, including using tentative votes or other means to correct errors in writing down such numbers. Errors can occur that the system allows notifications and corrections.

Previously, the main argument against verified voting rules was that many minority voters do not have an identity card. This argument suggests that many who have such cards will have difficulty figuring out their DL number.

Regardless of the arguments against a verified vote, offending the intelligence of minority voters is probably not the best option.

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