Deshaun Watson lawyer files response to 22 lawsuits against Texans QB

Deshaun Watson lawyer files response to 22 lawsuits against Texans QB

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson attorney responded Monday in Harris County, Texas District Court to the 22 lawsuits filed against Watson, denying allegations and claims against him and moving to a jury trial.

The Houston area attorney Rusty Hardin filing comes after two judges ruled earlier this month that the women suing Watson must reread and identify themselves. The women had previously filed complaints against Watson anonymously, like Jane. A total of 23 women have filed civil lawsuits against Watson for sexual assault and misconduct. A woman dropped her lawsuit last week.

“Today we answered the lawsuits filed against our client Deshaun Watson,” Hardin said in a statement on Monday. “Mr. Watson has been relentlessly insistent that he has not acted improperly and we firmly believe him. Hence the answer to whether we say that all 22 plaintiffs lie about Mr. Watson’s allegations of sexual misconduct is a clear one Yes. “

Monday’s response alleges that in the days since Watson’s accusers learned of the identity of Watson’s prosecutors, his legal team has “uncovered evidence that numerous allegations” in the Watson cases “are simply not true or correct”.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents all 22 women with lawsuits against Watson, made the following statement in response to the filing on Monday.

“As expected, and despite what his lawyer said earlier, Deshaun Watson’s only defense is to call these brave liars,” said Buzbee. “The weak and vague allegations in the defendant’s response are proven to be false. Watson cannot deny that he has sought an unusually high number of women for massage on Instagram; he does not deny that he insisted on getting naked or almost naked In order not to deny that the massages took place, he cannot deny that he wanted more than a “massage”, and he has not credibly denied that something bad happened during the session – he claims instead that sexual acts were consensual. Of course, his definition of “consent” does not match anyone else’s. I am convinced that as these matters progress, the judicial process will find out the truth. “

The Houston Police Department issued an April 2 statement that it had opened an investigation into a complaint against Watson.

Texas general manager Nick Caserio told reporters last Friday the team will “respect the legal process” regarding Watson and their focus remains on the upcoming off-season training program and the 2021 NFL draft.

The NFL is currently investigating the allegations against Watson.