Disbarred Edmonton lawyer in search of keep after 1-year sentence for contempt of court docket

Disbarred Edmonton lawyer seeking stay after 1-year sentence for contempt of court

EDMONTON – Representatives of a disbarrassed Edmonton attorney who was sentenced to one year in prison for disobeying the court will petition an Alberta appeals court Wednesday morning.

Shawn Beaver was expelled in February 2017 after the Law Society of Alberta discovered he had stolen from his clients’ escrow accounts.

He then recruited a junior attorney to act as the false front for his still unlicensed practice, according to a Feb. 22 ruling by the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Associate Chief Justice John Rooke’s verdict found Beaver’s actions warranted imprisonment.

“His actions speak of defiance louder than his words,” Rooke wrote, noting Beaver’s “apparent and deliberate disdain.”

“His activities were also inherently illegal because Mr. Beaver was no longer a lawyer and was practicing as a lawyer.”

Beaver told CTV News that he regrets his actions and plans to appeal.

“Despite what the Court recently ruled, I have the greatest respect for the legal system in which I have lived and taught for most of my career,” he wrote.

“I am fully and completely ready to face the imposed consequences of my actions.”

Beaver’s application for residence is heard by a single appeals court. Once the appeal has been submitted, it will be negotiated at a later date.

When sentenced, his lawyer advocated a suspended sentence and a fine.

Beaver was ordered to report to the Edmonton Detention Center within three days of the judge’s February 22 ruling to begin his sentence.