District Attorney Releases Details of Deadly Shooting by Daly City Officer – NBC Bay Area

District Attorney Releases Details of Deadly Shooting by Daly City Officer – NBC Bay Area

A dispute over a replica firearm led to a fatal shooting by a Daly City police officer on a 44-year-old San Francisco man last Wednesday, according to San Mateo District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe.

Wagstaffe provided the first detailed account of the April 7 death of Roger Cornelius Allen, who died after being shot in a trauma center. Wagstaffe also said there is no video evidence of what happened and that “Daly City police officers currently do not have body cameras”.

An officer saw three people – two men in the front, including Allen in the passenger seat and a woman in the back seat – in a parked truck with a damaged rear tire around 2:30 p.m. on the 700 block of Niantic Avenue and stopped to talk with the driver speak, according to the summary.

A second and third officer came and stood on the passenger side of the truck as the first officer spoke to the driver, who was cooperative, Wagstaffe said.

The passenger door was open and officers “saw a Glock firearm (handgun) on the lap of passenger Roger Allen,” the report said. “The officers yelled that there was a gun and Mr. Allen picked up the gun and held it in his hand. “

One of the officers leaned over and grabbed Allen’s hand to prevent the gun from being fired, Wagstaffe said, and a fight ensued with the gun pointed at the officer and driver in one place that was on the on the other side of the truck. then with the officer who fights with everyone.

When the second officer on the passenger side “saw the gun pointed at the face of the officer fighting Mr. Allen, he reported that he feared his fellow officer would be shot in the face,” Wagstaffe said. “He fired his service pistol at Mr. Allen twice, one shot in Mr. Allen in the chest and the other shot missing and stuck in the vehicle.”

Allen received emergency aid before being rushed to San Francisco General Hospital, where he reportedly died about 90 minutes later.

The suspected pistol “turned out to be a replica pistol with the word Glock on it. It is not a firearm. There was no orange tape around the tip of the weapon to show that it was not a real firearm” said Wagstaffe.

During the fight, the officer outside the driver’s side was “hit in the forehead by an unknown small object that caused slight abrasion,” said Wagstaffe.

The Daly City Police Department is responsible for disclosing the names of the officers, said Wagstaffe, who expects the investigation to continue for the next two months.

Anyone with pertinent information on the case is asked to call the District Attorney’s Chief Inspector William Massey at (650) 363-4883.