District attorney says sheriff’s deputies were “justified” in Andrew Brown Jr. shooting

District attorney says sheriff's deputies were

North Carolina sheriff’s MPs were “justified” in fatally shooting a black man in April, a prosecutor said Tuesday. District Attorney Andrew Womble said Andrew Brown Jr.’s actions had led MPs to believe the need to use lethal force.

Brown ignored MPs’ orders to stop and started driving his car straight to one of the officers, Womble said during a news conference.

He said the first shot fired at Brown’s car went through the windshield, not the rear window as previously reported.

MPs trying to serve drug-related search and arrest warrants shot and killed Brown outside his Elizabeth City home on April 21. Three MPs involved in the shooting are on vacation while four others were at the scene were reinstated after the sheriff said they didn’t fire their guns.

A independent autopsy The person released by the family found that Brown was hit by bullets five times, including one in the back of the head. Brown’s family attorneys watching Body camera footage say it shows that Brown was not armed and that he did not drive up to MPs or pose a threat to them. Womble previously disagreed in court, saying Brown hit MPs twice with his car before shots were fired.

The sheriff said his MPs were not injured.

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Lawyers representing Brown’s family have called the MPs be arrested. “You don’t need an investigation if you have a cold blooded murder. Investigate,” said family attorney Harry Daniels.

The shooting sparked protests over several weeks from protesters demanding the release of body camera footage. While authorities were showing footage of Brown’s family, a judge refused to publicly release the video until the state investigation.

Separately, the FBI did started a civil rights investigation of shooting.