District lawyer asks for endurance concerning costs towards protest organizer

price gouging duing emergency

State Attorney Dan Dow's statement:

I know that many in our community are very interested in this situation. At this point I would like to respectfully ask all those affected to be patient and allow us to fulfill our duty in a fair, thoughtful and thorough manner. Our obligation is to be objective and not to make fee decisions based on public opinion.

Please note that it is premature for the prosecutor to take a decision on the case currently under investigation by the San Luis Obispo Police Department regarding the facts of the arrests of Ms. Tianna Arata and Mr. Elias Bautista. Once the law enforcement agencies have completed their investigation, they will likely forward the cases to our office for review.

Only then can we conduct our independent assessment of the evidence and factually determine whether criminal charges should be brought to court.

It would be inappropriate and counterproductive if this office were to make a statement based on social media posts or media reports at this time that may or may not be confirmed by the evidence (facts) gathered in the upcoming investigation. We will carefully and thoroughly review all evidence presented before making a final decision.


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