District Lawyer makes an attempt to bar coast decide from animal cruelty instances – Fort Bragg Advocate-Information

District Attorney attempts to bar coast judge from animal cruelty cases – Fort Bragg Advocate-News

FORT BRAGG – Mendocino District Attorney David Eyster announced on Monday morning, January 4th, that he has immediately ordered all of his assistant prosecutors to commence peremptorist lawsuits to disqualify Supreme Court Justice Clayton Brennan and on it to prevent hearing pending criminal cases or future cases that is filed in which a defendant is charged with animal cruelty.

Similarly, the prosecutor has ordered his assistant prosecutors to file peremptorist lawsuits to disqualify Judge Brennan and prevent him from hearing a criminal case in which the prosecutor alleged that the defendant personally used a gun in the commission of a crime.

California jurisprudence and statutory law allow district attorneys to refuse admission to a judge in a particular case or types of cases if the judge is believed to be “so biased against the people that he or she will not face one fair administration of justice can be entrusted, “said Eyster.

When giving his order, the district attorney said, “The judge currently sitting in the Ten Mile Courthouse in Fort Bragg has betrayed the community’s standards and the community’s trust. He has made it clear that he has no use, has no value, and is biased against law enforcement and the community’s ongoing efforts to seek justice against those who sacrifice animals and use firearms to commit crimes. Accordingly, I do not consider him legally suitable to act as a judge in the types of criminal cases described above. “

When asked whether Judge Brennan’s peremptorist challenges only occur in cases of animal cruelty or in cases where the defendant personally used a firearm, DA Eyster responded that at the moment the question was whether the scope or not The definition of cases , for which Judge Brennan is disqualified, remains an open question under consideration by the prosecution and its senior attorneys.