District Lawyer Mike Ramsey says that Chico State professor Laird Easton has not been charged by his workplace


TO UPDATE: Despite what Chico State said, Action News has now checked with District Attorney Mike Ramsey, and he says they did not receive the case from the Butte County Sheriff’s Office. The prosecutor also says Dr. Easton has been saved and they are waiting to see if they have enough evidence to indict him.

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CHICO, California – Butte County’s Sheriff’s Department accused Laird McLeod Easton, a professor in the Chico State Department of History, of possessing obscene material with minors on Jan. 21. We’re still trying to speak to the Butte County Sheriff’s Department about the charges.

In an official statement from media coordinator Sean Murphy, the university said:

“The university has learned that one of its employees, Laird Easton, has been charged by the Butte County District Attorney in a child pornography investigation. We are working with the DA’s investigations and the employee has been suspended from teaching and campus activities until further notice. The university encourages anyone with knowledge of this case or cases of child exploitation or abuse to contact the Butte County Attorney’s Office. If you have any questions about the charges or ongoing criminal investigations, please contact the DA office. “

This is an evolving story and we will post new information as it becomes available.