District lawyer’s workplace displaced due to harm to Washington Sq. constructing

District attorney’s office displaced because of damage to Washington Square building

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville Attorney General Glenn Funk spent Christmas morning investigating the damage done to 2nd Avenue by the terrible blast.

“In a way, it looked like an earthquake had happened,” said Funk. “We could see that some windows were broken and the outside of the building was damaged.”

Funk’s office occupies two floors of the Washington Square building, a historic room that was hit by the bombing.

“It felt really personal when I had to go in to see the damage that was being done to our office,” Funk said.

Fortunately, no case documents were damaged so the lawyers were quick to find a temporary place. Trials were scheduled for December 26th and Funk’s team did not want to delay the upcoming files.

“We had no way to shut down, we had to make sure that we could occupy the files,” said Funk.

The lawyers were able to move files to a small room within the birch building, where temporary offices were set up for each legal department.

“We tried to give them a little of their own space within the room, which is quite difficult because we’re putting two floors of a building into one room,” said Assistant District Attorney Amy Hunter.

At the moment things seem functional, but Funk is hoping its staff can return to Washington Square next month. If not, more space may be needed to keep up with the case numbers in the coming weeks.

The District Attorney’s office has not been given an official schedule as to when the Washington Square building is safe to move into. Currently, metro police have blocked access as part of the crime scene due to the explosion.

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