District Legal professional: No prices for state trooper and EPCSO deputy in July taking pictures

District Attorney: No charges for state trooper and EPCSO deputy in July shooting

MONUMENT, Colorado – The District Attorney’s Office announced Monday that no charges will be brought after a car chase involving the Colorado State Patrol and a deputy sheriff from El Paso County near Monument.

On July 11, 2020, around 5 p.m., the Colorado State Patrol responded to a REDDI report (Report Every Drunk Driver Sofort). Soldiers, including Lance Curry, said they tried to overtake the car. However, the driver hit a guardrail. The driver, identified as 23-year-old Antonio Mancinone, then attempted carjacking before running into a nearby house with people.

MPs from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the scene, saying the suspect fired at least one shot at law enforcement. Deputy Spencer Stringham reported that he had fired a shot from outside the house. Trooper Curry entered the house and fired several additional rounds.

Mancinone was found indoors with fatal injuries.

Both officers noted that they feared for their lives and the safety of others when they fired their weapons.

In his ruling, District Attorny Dan May reported that Antonio Mancinone had threatened several lives with a vehicle and a firearm, committed several crimes, became increasingly dangerous, and repeatedly refused orders to stop and drop his weapon.

As a result, the DA office ruled that no charges will be brought against Trooper Lance Curry or Deputy Spencer Stringham.