District Legal professional’s Workplaces In Santa Fe And Rio Arriba Counties To Shut For 14 Days Due To Optimistic COVID-19 Take a look at Of Worker – Los Alamos Reporter

District Attorney’s Offices In Santa Fe And Rio Arriba Counties To Close For 14 Days Due To Positive COVID-19 Test Of Employee – Los Alamos Reporter


District Attorney Marco Serna announced Monday afternoon that one of the First District Attorney’s staff had just tested positive for COVID-19. Because of this, DA Serna immediately closed the Santa Fe and Rio Arriba offices for 14 days to do a thorough clean up and allow tracing and quarantine of contracts to residents of Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, northern New Mexico and the US best to protect the rest of the state.

Serna may have been exposed in the office and will be quarantined for 14 days by his partner, son and stepdaughter. He immediately ran a COVID-19 test today and we will let the public know of the result when it comes back.

“As a father, partner, son, and Northern New Mexican, I take the dangerous threats of COVID-19 to our seniors who face underlying diseases, children, and working families very seriously,” Serna said. “I am grateful to the exceptional employee, who unfortunately tested positive, for responsibly and promptly notifying me in order to protect the residents of the First Judicial District and all of our colleagues in the DA office. We all wish this employee and all New Mexicans affected by COVID-19 a speedy and speedy recovery with our prayers. “

Employees were informed of the positive test and the closure of the office today at 3:21 p.m. Staff will continue to work remotely, and Serna has directed staff who have been in close contact with the Rio Arriba office or staff to self-isolate, contact the NM Department of Health at 1-855-600-3453, and themselves to get tested.

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