Dutchess hires first feminine county lawyer

Dutchess hires first female county attorney

POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County’s legislature approved the appointment of Caroline Blackburn as Dutchess County’s attorney. Blackburn is the first woman to hold this position despite five male Democrats opposed to the appointment.

Blackburn was selected to serve in the position by county executive Marc Molinaro after ten-year-old county attorney Jim Fedorchak announced his resignation in October earlier this year.

“Caroline brings the right work experience, demeanor and commitment to serve, along with the commitment to truth required to serve as our next District Attorney,” said Molinaro, adding, “The first woman who serves in this critical role has shown herself to be a respected person of integrity, great capacity and decency. She is a professional to the core, deserved this appointment and will serve us well. “

Democratic lawmakers Christopher Munn, Barrington Atkins, Giancarlo Llaverias, Craig Brendli and Frits Zernike all voted against Blackburn’s appointment. Rebecca Edwards, leader of the minority group, said Munn had “made a valid point” in his opposition when he questioned the appointment. “Why aren’t the minutes of the district’s public committees available to the public upon request? Many counties publish them on their websites, but even a legislature cannot access them here. It’s hard to see why the prosecutor would defend this practice, ”said Edwards of Munn’s disagreement with the appointment.

All five Democrats did not respond to a request for comment for an explanation of their vote.

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