Erie County District Legal professional: Easy methods to keep away from package deal supply theft

Erie County District Attorney: How to avoid package delivery theft

This year alone, according to the Buffalo Police Department, there has been a 54.9 percent increase in theft of residential parcels in the city of Buffalo.

BUFFALO, NY – As Christmas approaches, more packages land on the steps of Erie County’s residents. However, the Erie District Prosecutor’s Office warns that the non-vulnerability to these supplies could make residents vulnerable to theft.

This year alone, according to the Buffalo Police Department, there has been a 54.9 percent increase in apartment thefts in the city of Buffalo.

“While some law enforcement agencies in Erie County have reported an increase in stolen packages compared to last year, I believe this is an underreported crime as many people file complaints with the retailer or the delivery service when they do not receive their purchases,” said he Erie County District Attorney John Flynn.

The prosecution has a few tips for local residents to help prevent package theft:

  • Check the delivery window for your package and if possible be home when the package arrives and get it inside immediately
  • If you can’t be home when the package arrives, see if your neighbor can keep it for you
  • Or leave a note on the door and ask the deliverer to move the package somewhere out of sight. Parcels are less likely to be stolen if they are not on your doorstep
  • Roadside collection is a good alternative to delivery
  • Doorbell cameras can also be a way to monitor packages. In the event of theft, the footage can be used for a police investigation

“This can be difficult to track as the thieves act quickly and do not leave us witnesses or other evidence of these individuals’ links to the crime,” Flynn said. “I encourage residents to be proactive to prevent their packages from being stolen and to consider purchasing a security camera to catch these thieves in action.”

Potential package theft charges that the DA office says will prosecute someone caught stealing property include grand and minor theft, and criminal possession of stolen property.