Ethics Board & District Lawyer file a challenges to cease Brian Pope from operating for marshal

Ethics Board & District Attorney file a challenges to stop Brian Pope from running for marshal

Both the Louisiana Board of Ethics and District Attorney Keith Stutes have filed petitions to question Brian Pope's candidacy for the City Marshal race in Lafayette.

As reported by KATC Investigates for the first time last night, the Pope signed the qualification form, stating, among other things, that he did not owe any fines in connection with the Code of Governmental Ethics. However, we did speak to the ethics committee, which told us he owed $ 5,000 due to fines in 2013 and 2018.

According to the court documents filed today, the Pope has failed to file his personal 2018 financial statement despite several reminders, resulting in a fine of $ 2,500. Another fine related to not submitting his 2013 personal financial report by the due date (485 days late). He was initially offered to waive this fine, but when he missed another due date, he was also ordered to pay the $ 2,500 fine.

The court document refers to the Louisiana statue, which allows someone to object to a person's candidacy if they have incorrectly confirmed that they will not owe any outstanding fines, fees, or penalties in accordance with the Code of Governmental Ethics.

Clerk of the court

The prosecutor also filed a petition based on a complaint from a Lafayette resident that the Pope is not a registered voter, which is also a prerequisite for candidacy.

Both hearings are scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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