Ex-Mountie anticipated to face questions from ex-minister’s lawyer at public inquiry

Ex-Mountie expected to face questions from ex-minister's lawyer at public inquiry

VANCOUVER – A lawyer representing former British Columbia Cabinet Secretary Kash Heed is due today to interrogate a retired RCMP official during a public money laundering investigation.

Heed was given limited status in the investigation last week after former Mountie Fred Pinnock testified that Heed told him a former gaming secretary knew about organized crime in casinos.

Pinnock recently testified that Heed, who was the attorney general at the time, told him then-games secretary Rich Coleman was more concerned about generating income in casinos than about the existence of organized crime.

Pinnock, who was in charge of the RCMP’s integrated illegal game enforcement team, said he also recorded Heed, who years later made similar comments about Coleman.

The British Columbia government appointed Supreme Court Justice Austin Cullen to lead the public investigation into money laundering after three reports uncovered how hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit cash hit the provincial real estate, luxury vehicle and gaming sectors affected.

The Attorney General’s Department also confirmed Monday that Cullen has filed an interim report that he will review before being released by the commission.

This Canadian press report was first published on November 17, 2020.