Famend Legal professional, Stephen Brzezinski joins ProtocolNow as Chief Compliance Officer

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PHILADELPHIA, January 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ProtocolNow, a leading provider of real-time protocols that are made available anytime, anywhere, has named Stephen Brzezinski to the newly created position of Chief Compliance Officer. Brzezinski has decades of experience in conveying patient safety The United States and litigation for medical misconduct. Mr. Brzezinski’s 30 year career in legal practice provides unparalleled insight into how ProtocolNow can best benefit hospitals and clinicians by increasing patient safety and reducing potential misconduct claims.

During his career, Brzezinski has represented dozens of hospitals and hundreds of doctors, which has helped him save tens of millions in potential losses. Together with his new role at ProtocolNow, he continues to actively represent renowned hospitals.

ProtocolNow’s leadership team, including the recent appointment of Dr. Vincenzo BerghellaAs Chief Medical Officer, MD not only has decades of industry experience, but also has a shared vision to improve health care at its core through centralized, accessible protocols.

“Steve is one of the best defenders of malpractice for obstetricians in The United States“says Dr. Dan O’Keeffe, MD and Chairman of the Board of ProtocolNow. “He knows the importance of using protocols and how they can help maintain and defend against lawsuits. We are so happy to have him on the team.”

O’Keeffe and Brzezinski have years of experience that have made Brzezinski a natural addition to ProtocolNow.

“I had the pleasure of being a co-faculty member Dan O’Keefe and John Elliott – MD and advisor to PN – at our annual perinatal conference for over 10 years, “says Brzezinski.” Her knowledge of the scientific literature and her ability to apply it to patient care and safety is exceptional. Their passion for improving the quality of care around the world is reflected in every presentation they make. It is my pleasure to work with Dan and John to advance our pursuit of the best quality of care through ProtocolNow. ”

“ProtocolNow is the union of technology, science and passion,” says Charles Lukens, CEO of ProtocolNow. “We are excited to have the right team available to bring the entire healthcare industry and beyond to essential levels in the delivery of care pathways and protocols.”

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