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It is bad enough if, as a man trying to destroy our economy or scare the nation, you become a political call for justice. Now Dr. Anthony Fauci described as a mass murderer who tries to "depopulate the earth" with the cabal of Bill and Melinda Gates. This is hardly the craziest thing that the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan (87) said, but it is perhaps the most dangerous. Farrakhan is encouraging people to refuse vaccinations, a problem that is already raising concerns among world health leaders in Africa. This is seen as the new "epicenter" for the pandemic, where Africans face a threat that must protect hundreds of millions of Africans. Health officials will need their cooperation, but they have now heard from Farrakhan, who said if they want to live, "Don't take your medication."

In this July 4th remark, Farrakhan explained this

"They are now making money and are planning to have seven billion, five hundred million people vaccinated. Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda – they want to depopulate the earth. What the hell gave you the right? Who are you to deal with yours To put together a billion and talk about who can live and who should die?

… I tell my brothers and sisters in Africa, be careful when developing a vaccine. Don't let them vaccinate you with their history of betrayal through vaccines or medication. "

He added, "That is why your world is ending quickly because you have sentenced billions to death, but God is now sentencing you to death, which you are sentencing to others."

Honorable Minister Farrakhan spits out the truth to power
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– Tariq Nasheed @ (@tariqnasheed) July 4, 2020

This could not be at a worst time for Africa, which could suffer a devastating death from this pandemic if officials cannot work together to adopt the evolving vaccines.

I grew up in Chicago and watched local and national personalities avoid direct confrontations with Farrakhan in the 70s, 80s and 90s despite his hateful views. By activating this virulent anti-Semite for years, he was able to promote a worldwide following. Now he's combining his typical conspiracy theories with a world pandemic in a way that could cost millions of lives. Farrakhan blossomed on mixed signals from leaders, including appearances by leaders such as the current Attorney General of Minnesota (and former Democratic National Committee chairman) Keith Ellison. (After anti-Semitic statements in 2018, some of these numbers publicly criticized Farrakhan). Characters like Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson have appeared repeatedly with this racing madman. Indeed, the failure to denounce Farrakhan was previously an attack by Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama. Still, both Bill and Hillary Clinton were criticized for appearing at a funeral with Farrakhan.

In truth, few of these leaders can be criticized as critics of Farrakhan's views, and many have criticized such comments. In fact, his support is barely helpful to most politicians, including his statement that he likes what he sees in Donald Trump. However, he still seems to be on the edge of our politics and still has defenders among influential figures. Most recently, CNN directed Jake Tapper from actor Ice Cube to "watch your mouth, Jake" after Tapper tweeted that "Farrakhan is a vile anti-Semitic anti-LGBTQ misogynist. Why does a Fox Channel broadcast its propaganda? "

Personalities such as Juan Williams criticized Farrakhan's political engagement and his ties to democratic leaders as a political bludgeon. He aptly points out that many leaders denounced Farrakhan's anti-Semitic comments. However, it is also true that Farrakhan is dismissed as a marginal figure when he clearly has influence with millions of people. While it is true that it should not be used to unfairly paint others as sympathizers, it has emphasized its connection with many leaders, and it is important that society as a whole continues to denounce its hateful and awkward rhetoric.

856px-Anthony_S._Fauci, _M.D., _ NIAID_Director_ (26759498706)The claim Dr. Fauci is the secret leader of a global genocide conspiracy that would normally be weird if millions of Africans couldn't die from this advice. Farrakhan is taken seriously by many around the world, even if they denounce Bill and Melinda Gates who have spent fortunes on health and development projects in Africa.

Farrakhan is not kidding. He is not a clown. His rhetoric has always been dangerous and requires an ongoing outcry from our entire political spectrum. What he is now explaining in Africa is a real threat to the existence of African communities and culture as they face a terrible pandemic.

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